Rent Canoe or Kayak - PRICES

Price per commenced day. For rental longer than 7 days ask for price.

1 day 1 week
Canoe (1-2 pers) 450 Sek 2000 Sek
Kayak (1 pers) 450 Sek 2000 Sek
Canoe cart 50 Sek 250 Sek
Waterproof barrel 60 L 200 Sek
Tent (2 pers) 400 Sek 1750 Sek
Transport* 85 Sek/10 km
The total mileage is counted

*Transports only between Jokkmokk and the paddle destination for those who rent canoe or kayaks from us. The price applies to transport by minibus. For larger groups please contact us for price.

To buy fishing license and for information about fishing regulations visit:

Equipment and Responsibility:

The canoes/kayaks are of good quality, safe and easy paddled even for beginners.
Life jackets and paddles are included with the canoe/kayak. The kayaks also include a spray skirt.
The leased equipment shall be returned in original condition.
When damaged or lost equipment, the customer is responsible for reimbursement.
We take for granted that you respect Allemansrätten – The Right of Public Access, and of course you do not throw garbage and trash in the nature or in shelters.
All paddling is at your own responsibility!


You have the full responsibility for your own situation on the trips!
That you know how to swim is a must and you shall always wear life jacket when you paddle.
You always have to judge your own ability and always take consideration to the weather. The water is cold an you cannot swim as far as in a tempered swimming pool.
Be aware that cell phones do not work in all areas.
We would be happy to give you tips and advice about equipment, security and tour suggestions.

Read the full »Terms and conditions

» Tour suggestions

We also offer guided tours and if you have your own ideas about a paddling- or hiking tour don’t hesitate to contact us.


Specify as accurate as possible with dates, numbers and if you like transports etc.
Note: You need a confirmation from us before your booking is valid.

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