Lapland Info

Lapland info should be like a small knowledge bank with information and facts about various things that concern the area here in the north and our activities.

Here you can find information about everything from how to travel to Jokkmokk to articles about Northern lights and much more. Over time we will fill in more topics.

How to get here

Information about how to get to Jokkmokk.
Most of our tours starts and ends in Jokkmokk. On the longer dog sled tours and expeditions the start and ending points can be different.

» How to get here

The King’s Trail – Kungsleden

Kungsleden, one of the world’s best known and perhaps best hiking trails stretching 425 kilometers between Abisko and Hemavan.

» Read about Kungsleden

Northern lights

Northern lights, Aurora Borealis is a light phenomena that you can see dancing over the sky on the northern regions of the hemisphere. It flickers and plays over the clear sky in the nights.

» Learn about the Aurora

Jokkmokk’s Winter Market

Jokkmokk Winter Market is one of the oldest market places in Sweden with traditions all the way back to middle ages, a 400-year-old tradition.

» About the Winter Market