Guided Tours in Swedish Lapland

Come and join on one of our guided tours in Swedish Lapland this summer or autumn. Go hiking, canoeing, join a wildlife expedition or why not try something completely new and join a really unique tour with Packraft in the delta of Sarek National Park.

Experience the wilderness! Fill your lungs with the fresh air, drink crystal clear water straight from its source, feel the peacefulness and gather your thoughts by a campfire in the evening. Day or night doesn’t matter in the land of the midnight sun in summer and in autumn the nature turns in to a firework of colors. Welcome to one of our guided tours in Swedish Lapland!

If you have your own ideas about a guided tour with canoe, kayak or a hiking tour, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Wildlife Expedition in Sarek National Park, Lapland

Sarek National Park is the most remote wilderness area in Europe. No roads, no trails, no cabins, just pure nature.
8 Days
Sept 2023

Packraft and Camping tour on the border to Sarek National Park

A unique packraft and camping tour adventure in one of Sweden's wildest and most beautiful places! In individual very light
9 Days
22-30 Aug 2022

Canoe Adventure in the Pearl river Nature Reserve, Lapland

Follow on a canoe adventure in one of Lapland’s unknown wilderness areas. A great experience close to nature in one
5 Days
27 June – 1 July 2022

Hiking to mount Skierfe and the Gate to Sarek National Park

Join us on a guided hiking tour in an area that many mountain hikers classify as one of Sweden's most
7 Days
June – Sept 2022