Dog sledding - an adventure for life

Come join us and our dogs for an arctic adventure on one of our dog sled tours. Experience the northern lights, glittering snow-covered forests, bare mountains, true wilderness adventures and last but not least the friendship with our friendly Siberian huskies.

In all our tours we try to mediate our knowledge and feelings for the nature, the area and for our huskies. On our tours we always travel in small groups which gives a you a better and more personal experience and its less stress for both people and dogs.

For us, it is important that you end up on the tour that suits you. Maybe it’s a shorter tour for a few hours or are you the person who are looking for a longer more demanding adventure over several days. Take a look at our tours and see what kind of tour you like and do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns, whatever it may be.

All our dogsled tours are quality labeled Nature’s Best Sweden.

Siberian husky breathing cold air. On one of our dog sled tours called Dog sledding adventure and northern lights.

Short dog sled tours

Dogsled tours for a few hours where you sit on the sled with an experienced musher steering, but also full day and overnight 2-day tours where you drive your own dog team.

» Short tours
Dog team on their way in to Sarek. Explore Sarek National Park.

Long dog sled tours

Real dog sledding adventures from 4-day tours up to 8- and 12-day mountain trips and expeditions. Everybody drives an own sled, helps with all chores and work as a team.

» Long tours