Canoe & Kayak in Lapland

Paddle Route Suggestions

Around Jokkmokk you find paddle waters that suit almost everybody. Week-long tours or more easily accessible waters for those who only want to paddle for a few hours.
Here are a few paddle route suggestions suitable for both canoeing and kayaking.
If you have your own ideas about paddle routes and want to hire canoes don’t hesitate to contact us.

With Canoe in the Pearl River Nature Reserve (3-14 days)

A true wilderness area! Karats is an elongated lake that stretches approx. 25 km east to west. In the east, flat areas with islands and islets. In the west the valley gets narrower and the lake is lined by small mountains. Perfect for real wilderness life.

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Paddle Jokkmokk to Kvikkjokk (5-7 days)

Canoeing or kayaking along the river valley of Lilla Luleälv. From the woodlands in the east towards the mountains in the west, or in the opposite direction, start in Kvikkjokk and go down to Jokkmokk. A weeklong tour for you who like to experience the wilderness in Swedish Lapland.

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Day tour with canoe or kayak in Skabram (1 day)

The lakes Lill-Skabram and Stor-Skabram is located only 3 km from the center of Jokkmokk. The lakes are suitable for those who want to make a day tour or just paddling a few hours. The canoe central is located by the shore of Stor-Skabram.

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Book a canoe package

Self-guided Canoe Trip in the Pearl River Nature Reserve

8 days self-guided canoe trip in the Pearl River Nature reserve or Pärlälvens Naturreservat that it is called in Swedish.
8 Days
June – Aug

Self-guided Canoe tour from Jokkmokk to Kvikkjokk

A 7-day self-guided canoe tour along the beautiful river valley from Jokkmokk’s woodlands in the east to the scenic Kvikkjokk
7 Days
June – Aug

Self-guided Canoe Package from Kvikkjokk to Jokkmokk

A 7 days self-guided canoe package along the river valley from the beautiful mountains in Kvikkjokk to Jokkmokk woodlands in
7 Days
June – Aug