How to Dress for a Winter Holiday in Lapland

Are you planning for a winter trip to Lapland and maybe feel a little overwhelmed about how to dress for your winter holiday and what to pack? Don’t worry, we got you!
The winter and snow arrived early to Jokkmokk and Swedish Lapland this year and it’s definitely here to stay so what isn’t better than talking about winter clothing.

The Importance of Suitable Winter Clothes

In an environment as unique as Lapland, the right winter clothes can make all the difference. When temperatures drop and cold winds gust across the frozen landscapes, being appropriately dressed ensures that you can embrace every moment feeling safe and without discomfort.

Regardless of whether you are going on a dog sled tour, going to visit Jokkmokk Winter Market or participate in other winter activities we have put together an in-depth information video about how to dress in winter in Lapland. And, if you like to learn more, check out our specific web page about What to Wear in Winter

Note! If you book any of our winter tours you can borrow some clothes an you will get a packing list of what you need to bring yourself for your specific tour and also some more tips about how to keep warm in cold climate.

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