Travel to Jokkmokk

Here you find information about how to travel to Jokkmokk.

NOTE! Most of our tours starts and ends in Jokkmokk BUT on the longer dog sled tours and expeditions the start and ending points can be different.
You find information on how to get to and from the various tours under the “INFORMATION” tab on the respective tour.

If you would like help with booking tickets, we highly recommend our local travel agency who are experts in travel up here. SN-resor.

If you have any kinds of questions, don’t hesitate to contact us!

How to get to Jokkmokk by Train

The most environmentally friendly option.

  1. Go to Stockholm
  2. From there you take the night train to Boden or Murjek
  3. From Boden or Murjek you have bus connection to Jokkmokk

Book the train and the bus on the same ticket at:

How to get to Jokkmokk by Air

If you want to fly, you can fly from Stockholm to:

• Luleå 180 km southeast of Jokkmokk (Best connections with flights international)
• Gällivare 100 km north of Jokkmokk
• Arvidsjaur 160 km south of Jokkmokk
• Kiruna 220 km north of Jokkmokk

You can book taxi to Jokkmokk from the airport. Book well in advance.
You can go with bus. Local bus timetables: Länstrafiken Norrbotten

Another option is to rent a car by: Rent A Wreck or AVIS

Booking flights:
Booking direct flights from Germany to Arvidsjaur: