Canoe Rental in Lapland

Welcome to Lapland Canoe Central, canoe and kayak hire! In addition to canoe rental, we also rent out canoe carts and other outdoor equipment and can provide car transport to different paddle areas.

Traveling by canoe or kayak is maybe the most natural way to experience the summer in Lapland. You paddle away from the mosquitoes, with no heavy backpack on your back, many nice and varying tours, and no crowds of people as it can be on some hiking routes along popular hiking trails.
Around Jokkmokk you find paddle waters that suit almost everybody. Week-long tours or more easily accessible waters for those who only want to paddle for a few hours.
If you have your own ideas about paddle routes and want to hire canoes don’t hesitate to contact us.

We also offer guided tours for those who want to feel safe and take advantage of our knowledge of the area and outdoor life.  » To the guided tours

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