Who we are

Jokkmokkguiderna is a small company owned and run by Matti Holmgren and Stina Svensson. We live all year around in Jokkmokk, the small village just north from the Arctic Circle. Here we have a Siberian Husky kennel with about 40 Siberian huskies and we also have two Border Collies.

Who are we? What do we do? Why should you join us on a tour? What we can answer is who we are, what we are doing and why we do this. If this suits your requests can only you answer yourself.
We are a small company of two persons with a bunch of sleddogs and a passion for the outdoors. Our tours are no ordinary tourist arrangements. Several of our tours are rather challenging expeditions in extreme environments. For us it’s important that you who book these tours are the kind of person who are looking for this. We turn to you who wants to leave the well-treaded tourist routes and you who are looking for something more authentic, although sometimes it may be a bit outside of your comfort zone. If you have any questions or concerns don’t hesitate to contact us.

Matti Holmgren (1970)

Matti is born and raised in Jämtland.
Outdoor life has always been a big interest and already as a 14 year old he started to go on longer tours by himself in the forests and mountains of Jämtland. As a 16 year old he did his first longer mountain tour solo with a dog team.
Matti has great respect for the nature and its might. He rather takes the safe way than the uncertain.
In 1991 he moved to Jokkmokk to study ecology and in 1995 he started Jokkmokkguiderna.
During the years it has became several educations in everything from social history of the north, the biology of the reindeers, ecology, economy and law etc.
Dog sledding and the outdoor life in the forests and mountains are Mattis biggest passions!

Stina Svensson (1976)

Stina is born and raised in the southernmost parts of Sweden, called Skåne.
Animals have always been one of Stinas biggest interest. In her youth she spent several years at a riding-school and in the horse stable. Today she has switched from horses to a big pack of huskies.
In 2004 Stina moved up to Matti in Jokkmokk after a successful internet date.
When Stina get the question if it’s hard for a southerner to live in the north in the dark winters, Stina always answer with a smile; “It feels like I have found home!… and here in Lapland the snow reflect the moon and makes it shine in the winter nights.”
Stina is educated in textile design and art but after many years in Lapland she is now an accomplished wilderness guide!
Except from her biggest passion which is the dogs she also have a passion for all aesthetic creating.

In Jokkmokkguiderna Matti stands for all the crazy ideas, do the longest tours and definitely speak most in the phone.
Stina keeps things in order. She is the one who send you booking confirmations, invoices, packing lists etc. But you will also find her outdoor with a dog team or in a canoe.
The combination of order and creativity are without any questions a winning concept!

Jokkmokkguiderna since 1995

In 2003, the jokkmokkguiderna became an approved ecotourism organizer and we got several of our tours labeled with the Nature’s Best Sweden certification.
Labelling committee’s motivation (29 January 2003)
“One of Norrbotten’s most capable and most enthusiastic dogsled tour operators, who always puts the focus on the dogs. A skilled and serious operator, Matti Holmgren is determined to inspire other entrepreneurs in Jokkmokk tourism to develop their activities. He is also a genuine enthusiast with a deep commitment to the World Heritage of Lapland – the primeval forest in the vicinity of the mountains and its natural predators.”

In 2008 we got the great honour to receive the “Grand Travel Award” in ecotourism.
The committee’s Motivation: “Jokkmokkguiderna is not only one of the best ecotourism organizers in northern Sweden with world unique products within dog sledding, hiking and kayaking. It’s also a company that inspires and together with others develops and shows the many possibilities of the World Heritage Laponia. “

Both Matti and Stina have participated in NOLS Wilderness Medicine Institute courses.
Matti has a Wilderness First Responder certification and Stina has Wilderness First Aid certification.

Welcome to us and the land north of the Arctic Circle!

Matti Holmgren and Stina Svensson

E-mail: jokkmokkguiderna@gmail.com

Phone Matti: +46(0)70-684 22 20
Phone Stina: +46(0)70-684 22 84