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What to Wear in Winter in Lapland

If you’re planning to travel to Lapland during winter, dressing appropriately is crucial to fully enjoy this snow-covered Arctic gem. Without the right winter clothes, your dream trip can quickly become an uncomfortably cold experience.

Winter in Lapland | Embracing the Cold

There’s something truly magical about winter in Swedish Lapland. The vast wilderness areas, snow-covered forests, and the shimmering Northern Lights. To truly enjoy all this, being comfortably dressed for the cold is key.

So, how do you dress to stay warm? Whether you’re embarking on a thrilling dog sled adventure, partaking in an extreme expedition, or opting for a softer winter holiday, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered.

Why Proper Winter Clothes Matter

In cold places like Jokkmokk, “how to dress for winter” is not just about fashion. It’s about safety and comfort. Temperatures can drop far below freezing, and winds can be sharp and chilling. Wearing the right winter clothes can make the difference between an unforgettable experience and a very uncomfortable one.

Learn What to Wear for Winter with Our Guidance

Before you set out on your Lapland adventure, we highly recommend diving into our detailed guides on winter garments.

Watch our video, HOW TO STAY WARM in EXTREME COLD | DRESS for ARCTIC WINTER WEATHER, and learn about:

  • The Basics of Dressing for Winter in Lapland
  • The Importance of Dressing in Layers
  • Tips to Protect Your Fingers, Ears, and Nose from Frostbite
  • Selecting the Right Materials and Brands

What to Wear on Your Feet

Additionally, a common concern among travelers is how to keep their feet warm. Frosty feet can quickly turn an exhilarating adventure into something unpleasant. Check out our specific guide, KEEP YOUR FEET WARM IN WINTER | What to Wear in Extreme Cold, where Stina explains what to wear on your feet in cold temperatures to ensure your toes stay warm and comfortable.

Packinglist and Tips & Tricks

Traveling to Swedish Lapland is an experience of a lifetime, but the extreme cold can be challenging. With the right clothing choices, you can delve deep into the heart of this winter wonderland, taking in every moment with ease and comfort.

So with this said, when you book any of our winter tours you will get a packing list for your specific trip and some more tips and tricks about how to keep warm in cold climate.

Stay Warm and Explore Safely!