Tours & Adventures

Join us on one of our dog sledding adventures, canoe trips or on a hiking tour. Or follow the Sámi reindeer herders and get an insight in the Sámi culture.

In all our adventures, short and long, we travel in small groups and try to mediate our knowledge and feelings for the nature and area. We work by the main philosophies of the ecotourism and several of our products are labeled Nature’s Best Sweden.
This is not made up touristic adventures but real experiences where the nature’s law rules.

Get inspired and let your dream journey to Lapland come true!

Dog Sled tours

Welcome to follow us and our huskies for an arctic adventure on one of our dog sled tours. Short tours or longer adventurous trips over several days.

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Summer & Autumn tours

Guided tours by foot or canoe. Fill your lungs with fresh air, drink crystal clear water straight from its source and feel the peacefullness in the wild.

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Four reindeers on a snow-covered lake in Lapland. Image from a dog sledding tour.

Sámi Experiences

Real life Sámi experiences where you get to follow in the reindeer herders every day life and learn about their lives, their reindeers and the Sámi culture.

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Jokkmokk Winter Market

Welcome to Jokkmokk Winter Market! Book separate activites like dogsled tours, Sámi experiences or an all inclusive holiday package.

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