12 Days
March – Apr
max. 4 participants
Group Size
Cabin, Mountain Lodge, Tent

Do you feel that a week of dog sledging isn’t enough? Do you always feel like you want to see what’s waiting for you a bit further up, behind the next mountain ridge or how it looks at the end of the next valley? Then this expedition is for you!

A 12-day dog sledging expedition with a scheduled route that goes north from Saltoluokta mountain station to and around the mighty Kebnekaise massif. However, if we notice that the weather gods are on our side and it seems to be promising weather for a trip through Sarek National Park we can quickly change our plan and reroute.
Sarek is part of the Laponia world heritage and is probably the most mysterious, inaccessible and most weather exposed National park in Europe. Therefore, plan A is to go north to Kebnekaise but if the conditions are right there is the possibility of an expedition through Sarek National Park.
Regardless of where we head to, we will have to take it day by day. We travel through multiple types of mountain landscape and hopefully we will meet some of the wild animals that are native to the Swedish mountains. You will drive your own dog sledge, live and be part of nature, and get closely acquainted with our huskies.
The nights are spent in mountain cabins and in storm-proof mountain tents, and the chances of seeing the northern lights are high as we are outdoors for so many nights. Everyone will be involved in everything from taking care of all the chores around the sled dogs, to finding water and cooking etc.
On a dog sledge expedition just like on all wilderness tours, everyone is dependent on each other, humans and dogs, and we all work together as a team.


The tour starts and ends in Saltoluokta

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Experienced wilderness guide
One dog team per person
Warm jacket, pants, warm shoes, hat, gloves
Sleeping bag and equipment for the tour
Fullboard from breakfast day 1 until breakfast day 10 (Typical Lapland and Swedish food)
Accommodation, 2 nights at Saltoluokta Mountain lodge, 9 nights in wilderness cabins and/or tent.


Travel as well as transfer to and from Saltoluokta Mountain Lodge
Travel insurance
Alcoholic beverages

The exact route will primarily be determined by the weather forecast and snow conditions. There are a few steep downhills that in some conditions are not suitable for dog sledging. If we see at the start at the Saltoluokta mountain station that the Sarek national park promises GREAT conditions such as great weather, snow conditions and that it doesn’t collide with the reindeer herding, we might head south instead for a chance to cross Sarek.


Day 1 - Welcome to the Saltoluokta Mountain Station

Saltoluokta fjällstation ligger i väglöst land mitt på Kungsleden. Huvudbyggnaden byggdes år 1918 och är intakt med mycket handsnickrade originalmöbler, fotogenlampor och öppna spisar.
Vi möts för en gemensam tre-rätters middag i den charmiga och välrenommerade restaurangen. Efter middagen går vi igenom utrustningen och ni får era kläder och skor.
För den som anländer tidigare under dagen så har vi snöskor som du kan låna ifall du önskar ta en tur i omgivningarna.

Day 2 - Saltoluokta - Teusajaure

We will pack the sleds and harness the dogs, leave Saltoluokta mountain station and head west along the Stora Luleälven valley. We follow the north side of the lake Langas and up to Stora Sjöfallet. The journey the continuous north towards Satihaure and the valley Teusadalen. In the afternoon we will reach the Teusajaure hut where we will spend the night. There’s a sauna here. Alternatively, we might spend the night in tents between Gagirjavri and Teusajaure. Nature: the entire day we will be below the tree line. At the start nice old pines grow, but as we reach a higher altitude this will change to mountain birch forest. The valleys that reach deep into the landscape are lined with magnificent mountains. 

Day 3 - Teusajaure – Singi mountain cabins

From Teusajaure a significant climb awaits us, 2 kilometres with 300 meters altitude. This means a physical challenge both for the dogs and for the driver. At the top we are rewarded with a great view if the weather is with us. Today’s section is scheduled to take us to the Singi cabins along Kungsleden.
Nature: A climb from mountain birch forest to above the tree line, with a more tundra-like landscape. North of the Singi cabins we have reached the tundra landscape. The magnificent Kebnekaise massif with its surrounding mountain tops give you an Alpine-like feel.

Day 4 - Singi cabins – Nikkaluokta

 The trip continues east through the narrow passage of Laddjuvagge. Tall peaks rise straight up on both sides along our route. We pass the Kebnekaise mountain station on our way to Nikkaluokta. Depending on the availability of cabins, the weather and what we feel like we will either stay in cabins or tents.
Nature: At first an alpine valley with steep mountain sides close upon us, then the birch forest down to Nikkaluokta. 

Day 5 - The Vistas valley

The Vistas valley goes north-west from Nikkaluokta. We follow the river valley and the night is spent in tents or at the cabin in Vistas. If we stay in the cabin, we will have access to a sauna.
Nature: Birch forest and the Vistas river are dominating features during the day. The river has broken through the valley and has created a delta landscape. 

Day 6 - Vistas valley towards Kungsleden

The Vistas valley goes on in a northern direction. The tallest passage is around 900 meters above sea level. We have now left the birch forest behind and are once again above the tree line. We aim for a shorter stretch to the Alesjaure cabins. Here too there’s a sauna.
Nature: The day goes from a valley with a birch forest up to an alpine mountain passage at around 900 meters above sea level.

Day 7 - Alesjaure – Sälka

We turn south and enter the Tjäkta pass which is the highest point of Kungsleden. Kungsleden then follows Tjäkktjavagge south down towards the Sälka cabins which are beautifully located in the middle of the valley. There’s access to a sauna here as well.
Nature: The area is entirely above the tree line and the highest passage is at 1100 meters above sea level. This is most definitely an alpine landscape.

Day 8 - Sälka – Nikkaluokta

Our trip goes back to the Singi mountain cabin that we passed a few days prior. From here, we turn east again and land at the end of the road in Nikkaluokta. The plan is to get into the cabin but it’s difficult to book ahead due to the weather. It could very well be that we stop at the Kebnekaise mountain station or that we keep going and set up tents somewhere.
Nature: The first part of this day is entirely above the tree line in an alpine terrain. It’s not until around the Kebnekaise mountain station that we will see the first birch trees. The valley from the Kebnekaise mountain station is characterized by birch forest and the partially open river closer to Nikkaluokta. 

Day 9 - Nikkaluokta and south towards unknown mountains

From Nikkaluokta our journey continues through an old pine tree forest, then steeply climb up towards a plateau. We camp at a suitable spot where we can find open water.
Nature: From the old pine forest south of Nikkaluokta and climbing up to a billowing plateau east of the more alpine area of Kebnekaise. The plateau is part of the old mountain foundation while the more dramatic mountains that we have passed before are part of the new mountain foundation that was formed later, with the collision of the continental plates. 

Day 10 - Tjuonajåkk and Sjaunja Nature Reserve

The path continues over the plateau going south before it goes steeply down towards the Kaitum river where the Tjuonajåkks fishing camp is located. We set our camp here and put up our tents where there’s water.
Nature: Billowing low-mountain plateau which turns into sparse birch forest and moors south of the Kaitum river.

Day 11 - Sjaunja Nature Reserve – Saltoluokta Mountain Station

We follow the path from the Kaitum river going south into the Sjaunjas nature reserve. As we reach the Stora Luleälven valley pass we turn the dog sledges west along the south side of the river, until we reach our starting point and end destination, Saltoluokta mountain station. Here awaits a shower, sauna and three course dinner in the cosy restaurant.
Nature: From Sjaunjas wide moors and birch tree forest, down toward small fir trees and older pine forest. 

Day 12 - Departure day

We share a breakfast together and this will be our last meal toghether before departure from Saltoluokta. Snowshoes are available to borrow if you wish to explore the surroundings before heading home.

Tour conditions:

Demanding and sometimes hard. This tour is more like a real expedition in a wild area sometimes without marked trails. Some outdoor experience is required. In wilderness cabin we sleep on bunk beds in mixed room with both gentlemen’s and women’s. Dry toilet is available around the cabins but when we camp in tent we dig a hole in the snow. The wilderness cabins are heated with wood/gas and have no electricity or running water.
No former dog sled experience is required but you must like animals and feel compassion for them.

How physically demanding will it be?

How physically demanding it will be depends very much on the snow and weather conditions during the tour. But, to go dogsledding requires that you have good balance and to participate on the Explore Sarek tour also requires that you are in good physical shape. In up-hills and heavy snow conditions you must help your dogs by kicking beside the sled and sometimes also run and push the sled in steep up-hills (which can go on for quite a while in the mountains.)
You also need to have in mind that you will be physically active outside in the cold for many hours each day and most of the nights are spent in tents. You need to have some outdoor experience with camping since before.
Our tours are not made up touristic adventures but real experiences where everybody work as a team and helps with everything from taking care of the dogs, cooking, loading the sleds, fetching water and setting up tents etc.

If you are unsure if you are able to take part don’t hesitate to send us an email and tell us about yourself and your worries. Women seem to underestimate them self very often, while men sometimes overestimate their own physical capacity. On our tours, we have people from all over the world of all genders and ages up to 70 years old.


During the expedition we will partly spend the nights in tents and partly in cabins. There will be cabins available for the most part of the route, but we occasionally camp in tents because it fits better.

The area:

This trip offers a varied landscape with various sorts of nature. From ancient mountain forests with fir and pine trees around Saltoluokta, Nikkaluokta and partly in Sjaunja nature reserve. From the coniferous forest line, birch forest stretches out at around 700 meters above sea level. Beyond that there’s bare mountain and a tundra-like landscape.
In the east there’s vast billowing low mountain plateaus while in the western parts it’s more of alpine mountains with deep valley passages. The highest mountain in Sweden, Kebnekaise, is located in this area at 2104 meters above the sea level (this varies from year to year as the top consists of snow and ice that melts).

For Who?

Minimum age is 18 years old.


We all meet for dinner in the restaurant at Saltoluokta Mountain Station at 18:00 on the arrival day.

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23  March – 3 April 2021

Group size: Max 4 participants

Before you book, make sure you read all information about this tour, such as tour conditions and what is required of you as a participant.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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Note! We will manually review the booking to make sure that the minimum number of 2 participants is reached to conduct the tour. We will confirm availability within the shortest possible time after we receive your order. Until your booking is confirmed no payment or charges will be applied, and credit card details are held for security purposes only.

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Dog teams in the center of Sarek. Picture from the expedition tour Explore Sarek National Park.

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