Another winter has passed
Dog team heading up on the bare mountain.

The winter season 2017 passed by quickly. Time flies when you have fun. This is maybe one of our most important motto. We as guides should feel that this is as enjoyable and fun as you as a guest think it is. That’s why we only offer tours that we love to do ourselves.
Tours and arrangements that feels right from a sustainability perspective. Sustainability can be that our dogs shall feel well and like what they are doing, we as guides should be able to keep up with this year after year without getting bored, nature should not be worn out and everyone else living in the area should not be disturbed by the fact that we travel here.

The dogs are the essence of our life. Therefore, we seek guests for our tours that feel empathy for animals and all other living creatures. You need to understand that a sleddog is not a toy, but that you along with the dogs will form a team. We teach you how to communicate with them and in most cases, it has been shown that the contact between guest and huskies is one of the major benefits of the entire trip.

This winter seasons tours have gone well. We have had all types of weather, seen sparkling northern lights, camped in tents, slept in wooden huts and dined in mountain lodges. We have made short tours with day tour guests as well as longer more adventurous expeditions over several days. The guests have come from all over the world in all ages.

Stina & Matti

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