Autumn training of our huskies are in full swing
Stina takes of with her siberian huskies an early morning in August.

Autumn training of our Siberian huskies are in full swing since the beginning of August. The dogs are harnessed in front of quads which they pull. The sleddogs happiness to start working again after the summer break can not be mistaken. They are as eager and enthusiastic as we are.

As the temperature drops, we increase the distances on the training tours. Very soon we can feel how the strength of the dog team increases, and the dogs’ stamina gets better with each passing week.

Are you keen to join us and our huskies on one of the dog sledding tour this winter, please send us an email. Sometimes the answer is delayed a bit but then you’ll know that it’s because we’re out there and training our four-legged friends.

Stina & Matti

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