Dog sleds and visit in Kiruna
Runners made of wood for new dogsleds.

We drove north to Kiruna to pick up 7 dog sledges where they had been on repair and got some parts exchanged. It’s always nice to visit Göran Larsson who builds the Oinakka sleds, or to be more correct he IS Mr. Oinakka dogsled himself! We are not sponsored by Oinakka but use these sledges because they are the best for our needs.
If you like you can read more about the different models of dog sleds we use on our tours.
When we already were in Kiruna we also made a short visit to Camilla and Mattias who got a puppy from us in summer 2009 and now also have got one of our retired leader dogs, Holly (Working Husky Holly). It’s always hard when one of our faithful sled dogs can’t follow us in the work anymore. But Holly who is now 9 years old got a great life with ski tours, mountain hikes and almost her own sofa indoors in Camilla and Mattias home.
/Matti & Stina

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