Mountain guide, safety and ice-cold baths
Stina is happy that she don't need to shower tonight.

To work as a mountain guide means that you have a big responsibility for a group’s safety in a sometimes extreme environment. The demands on certified guides increase constantly not only from customers but also from consumer associations. We have now got a so-called Mountain guide standards (Fjällledarnorm in Swedish) that is a guideline for the lowest level of knowledge.
This mean for us that we have to get most of our knowledge verified on paper. We are also going to increase our knowledge in some areas like wilderness first aid and avalanche knowledge. To get further education is always positive. We have always taking the safety serious and have always put the “safety thinking” in focus.
This day we got basic skill education in ice knowledge. We also got the bonus to see how the rescue brigade in Jokkmokk works. And what didn’t make the day less fun was that we during the exercise got the first swim of the year.

/Matti & Stina

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