Winter adventures from an office chair…

All adventures don’t have to take place in the woods or up on the mountains.
For us could things be greater adventures than a little snow storm as for example that you now can find us in the socialising crowd in cyber space on facebook.
Another “office adventure” is that we have started a cooperation with Markus Tiburzi on OMY to come forward with our website. If you follow us on the web you will hopefully see a better “presence” from us.
Not enough with these adventures… we have also started to cooperate with EUDO-konsult a consulting firm that in principle will be our extern economy office. The time that we save will we spent to get better on answering mails and to help all our guests with their planning of their Lapland adventure.
Besides this is the November winter the same as ever. One day you look up to the sky and wonder why it doesn’t come any snow. Next day you work your self sweaty by digging out the snow blower…

About Author

We are a small company based at the Arctic Circle which delivers outstanding wilderness travel experiences during summer and winter.