Day tour with canoe or kayak in Skabram

The two lakes in Skabram is located only 3 km from the center of Jokkmokk. The lakes are suitable for those who want to make a day tour or just paddling a few hours but, if you just like to enjoy life and also like to fish why not stay outside and spend one night. It’s easy to orientate yourself here and therefore it’s good for beginners.

If you paddle around Lake Stor-Skabram, the distance is about 10 km and Lake Lill-Skabram is slightly smaller. With a short lift you can carry the canoes or kayaks between the lakes.
The canoe central is located by the shore of Stor-Skabram.


Typical Lapland taiga with predominantly spruce and pine trees with elements of birch and sallow (salix caprea). In west you find wetland areas where you can find cloudberries in end of July beginning of August. This delicate berry is also called The Gold of Lapland.


In the lakes you find big roach and big pikes as well as perch, rainbow trout and grayling. You can buy fishing license at

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