Autumn preparation with our Siberian huskies
Slähundar Hösttraning

The training of our sleddogs are in full swing. After the summer’s well deserved rest-period, we always start to train our huskies in the first part of August. Since we don’t have any snow on the ground at this time and therefor are unable to go with dogsleds we let them pull our quads instead. It is always fascinating to see how excited and happy the dogs are when the fall training starts. We harness the dogs in front of the quads in the same way as in front of a sled. In the beginning we run them very short trips of a few kilometers. As the temperature drops and the dogs get in better shape we increase the distances.

This year youngsters will also have to learn to run in a harness. They are usually anywhere between 8-12 months when they for the first run in a team. Together with experienced adult dogs, they learn as time goes how things work. During their first winter season, the youngsters mostly join on the shorter tours and gain experience and build their physical capacity in peace and quiet.

The kennel life goes on and we are looking forward to that a new winter season is approaching. We are looking forward to get to work with our Siberian huskies, meet new people from all around the world and together travel in the amazing nature we have up here north of the Polar Circle. We are looking forward to share with you our life, that we live and love here in the north.

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