The gate to Sarek National park nr 2

Already during our first dinner together the level of topics was set. Wild discussions on a high level. During this tour as many others the conversations hovered from politics, ethics, nature, culture, careers and the whole spectra down to so low jokes that I had to stand on my knees to understand. I off cause contributed to the more cultivated conversations…sometimes… With me on this tour was Eva (Sweden), Iris (Sweden), Rutger (Germany) and Ewald (Netherlands). As the week before this tour started at Saltoluokta Mountain Station and went down south to Sitojaure, Aktse, Pårte and then back again. On some parts the way back goes on the same trail but on some parts it’s different. The area varies a lot with everything from open spaces to old dense forests, frozen lakes and cosy cabins.

Fritte, one of the dogs in Eva’s team stretched and got a small sprain. He started to limp and had to ride in my sled 2 days even if he protested a bit. He also got some massage and had the luxury to come inside to sleep during the nights. This treatment made him good and soon he could move without any trace of the limping.

Another good week of dogsledding!


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