8 Days
21-28 Feb 2022
Demanding, Moderate
max. 4 participants
Group Size
Cabin, Tent, Youth hostel

To go dog mushing in the taiga is a true winter experience. Great nature, sled dogs, Aurora and glowing campfires. The woodlands in Lapland offers real midwinter this time of the year with heavy snowcovered forests, iced lakes, fluffy snow and the Aurora Borealis that come into its own during the dark nights.

Together with our sled dogs, we work our way through the wintry landscape. Jokkmokk lays above the Arctic Circle and the low standing midwinter sun causes the sky to glow in beautiful colours during the day. Here live many wild animals like elk, reindeer, red fox, hare, wolverine and a few resident birds that remain during the winter. The reindeers, elk and birds are the most likely to encounter but, we usually see many tracks in the snow from others.

We will spend most of the nights in small log huts and one night is spent in a canvas tent with wood stove. The huts are without electricity and running water and everyone helps with all the daily chores, from taking care of the dogs, fetching water and chop wood etc.
Very few people travel in this area during this time of the year so we are likely to be alone. Just us, the sled dogs, nature and the wildlife.
Welcome to a true wilderness experience!


This dog mushing tour starts and ends in Jokkmokk.

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Experience wilderness guide
One dog team per person
Warm jacket, pants, warm shoes, hat, gloves
Sleeping bag and equipment for the tour
Fullboard from dinner day 1 until breakfast day 8 (Typical Lapland and Swedish food)
Accommodation, 2 nights at Åsgård Hostel, 1 night in a tent, 4 nights in wilderness huts


Travel to and from Jokkmokk
Travel insurance


● Single room at Åsgård Hostel 520 Sek
● Private double room at Åsgård Hostel 400 Sek



Day 1 - Arrival to Jokkmokk

Welcome to Jokkmokk! Åsgård Hostel is located in the centre of Jokkmokk and here you will stay your first night. Check-in not earlier than 3pm. If you arrive earlier in the day, we can highly recommend a visit to the Ájtte, Swedish Mountain and Sami Museum in Jokkmokk.
We all meet, guide and participants, at Åsgård Hostel at 6pm for a joint dinner and review of the program for the coming days.

Day 2 - Our dog mushing adventure begins

After breakfast we pick you up for car transport out to our husky kennel just outside Jokkmokk. Here you will be equipped with warm clothes and boots. After that, you will get a lesson in how to drive a dog sled and how to handle the huskies. The dog sleds get loaded with the equipment we need during the tour and then we all help to harness the dogs before our dog mushing adventure starts.
Today’s journey goes to the beginning on the trails that we have closest to our kennel. Good trails that are easy for beginners. During the afternoon we will arrive to the tent camp, close to a small river. Everyone is helping to take care of the dogs.
We will stay in a large communal tent with a stove fired with wood. Sleeping in warm sleeping bags on camping mats and soft reindeer skins.

Day 3 - From Lillforsen toRandikojan

From the river Appoälven we follow lake systems, marshes and old logging roads to the west. We travel beyond the wooded mountains that were our horizon during the first day. We cross large lakes with mile-wide views around us.
Today’s goal is a small log cabin by a small lake. Once we arrive, we make ourselves and the dogs prepared for the night. Water is brought from the lake by drilling hole in the ice, we chop firewood and fire in the stove to get the cabin warm. 

Day 4 - Towards Juksaure

Our journey goes further up the valley of the Pearl River (Pärlälven). Perhaps we stop for lunch next to the roaring river that, despite the winter cold, never freezes completely. Sometimes we are lucky to be able to see otter tracks and streamers that like to stay around open rivers in winter time. Today’s goal is a small timbered hunting and fishing hut next to a small river. The daily chores with the dogs are now becoming a part of your everyday life.

Day 5 - Laxholmen

This day we approach the mountains. We cross some large lakes overlooking far west. We enter an area that is periodically a mecca for migrating moose. Some winters we can see quite a lot of moose while other years they shine with their absence. Actually, we travel all week in an area that is regularly visited by these groups of migrating moose.
Today’s goal is to reach a hut on the island of Laxholmen in Lake Karats. Here it’s wide and open spaces in all directions, perfect for viewing Aurora Borealis. Throughout the week, we are far away from villages and urban light pollution and if we are lucky, we can see incredible sights of northern lights in the sky.

Day 6 - Back to Juksaure

We have reached our western outpost and turn back east towards Jokkmokk. During our journey back we stop at the hut by Juksaure for another night. Maybe we’ve seen something along the way the day before that we want explore a little bit more. Like all other days, we cook lunch out over an open fire.

Day 7 - Return to Jokkmokk

Last day dog mushing and we’re going all the way back to Jokkmokk. We’ll get back to the trails we’ve been driving earlier, but maybe we’ll decide to go for some other tracks as well. Weather and wind will determine more precisely where we travel. Our tour ends at home on our kennel in Skabram. After a short drive into Jokkmokk, a hot shower and a common closing dinner are waiting at Åsgård Hostel. 

Day 8 - Departure day

After breakfast there is an opportunity to visit the museum if you didn’t have time for that at the day of your arrival. Jokkmokk also has many nice giftshops with handicraft and jewellery etc.

Tour conditions:

All activities are mostly moderate. In wilderness cabin we sleep in mixed room with both gentlemen’s and women’s. The wilderness cabins are heated with wood/gas and have no electricity or running water. In tent we have a wood stove and sleep on reindeer skins in warm sleeping bags in the same tent. Dry toilets are available at the cabins but at the tent camp we dig holes in the snow.
No former dog sled experience is required but you must like animals and feel compassion for them.

How physically demanding will it be?

How physically demanding it will be depends very much on the snow and weather conditions during the tour. But, to go dogsledding requires that you have good balance and are reasonable fit. In up-hills and heavy snow conditions you must help your dogs by kicking beside the sled and sometimes also run and push the sled in steep up-hills.
You also need to have in mind that you will be physically active outside in the cold for many hours each day. Our tours are not made up touristic adventures but real experiences where everybody work as a team and helps with everything from taking care of the dogs, cooking, loading the sleds, fetching water etc.

If you are unsure if you are able to take part don’t hesitate to send us an email and tell us about yourself and your worries. Women seem to underestimate them self very often, while men sometimes overestimate their own physical capacity. On our tours, we have people from all over the world of all genders and ages up to 70 years old.

For Who?

Minimum age is 16 years old in company by an adult.


The tour starts and ends in Jokkmokk.

We all meet up at Åsgård Hostel at time 18:00 on the starting day.
Address: Åsgatan 20, 962 31 Jokkmokk

» How to get here

21 – 28 Feb 2022

Group size: Max 4 participants

Before you book, make sure you read all information about this tour, such as tour conditions and what is required of you as a participant.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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Until your booking is confirmed no payment or charges will be applied, and credit card details are held for security purposes only.

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Dog mushing in the taiga of Swedish Lapland.
Golden rays of sunshine through pine forest in Lapland.
Reindeers on a lake on the tour Dog mushing in the taiga of Swedish Lapland
Snötäckt timmerstuga i månsken med draghundar i bakrunden.
Aurora Borealis on the night sky on a dog mushing adventure in Lapland.
Draghundar som drar hundsläde i Jokkmokk
A Siberian Husky on a dog mushing adventure in Swedish Lapland.

Tour Reviews

17 July, 2020

I went for the 8 days tour called “Dog mushing in the taiga of Swedish Lapland” and it was outstanding.
Jokkmokkguiderna provides high quality clothing and equipment. Their dogs are well trained and super nice to cuddle with.
Our guide Matti took well care of us throughout the adventure and he had good insight and knowledge of the area.
It involves some hard work, you will be tired, you will be dirty, you will likely freeze (at least a little bit) but if you are up for that then it is an eye opener experience.
Jokkmokkguiderna have my highest recommendations! /Billy

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