8 Days
Not available 2023
Demanding, Moderate
max. 4 participants
Group Size
Cabin, Mountain Lodge

A husky trip along the northern parts of the King’s Trail with a detour towards the Norwegian border.
A journey through one of Sweden’s most powerful high mountain areas in Swedish Lapland. All nights spent in comfortable mountain huts.

White tundra and small hills and mountains as long as you can see. The spring sun has just gone up over the horizon and begins to color the landscape in warm tones and a scent of fresh coffee is spreading inside the cozy cabin.
A new day dawns and together with our sled dogs, we are on a journey through one of Sweden’s most powerful high mountain areas. We work our way into the Laplandic mountains through mountain valleys and across open plateaus.
On this husky trip all nights are spent in mountain cabins. The route goes north from Saltoluokta Mountain Station along the famous King’s Trail. We then take a detour in towards the Norwegian border and finish with Stora Sjöfallets National Park before we return to the starting point of our adventure.
The exact route may differ from the planned because we try our best to not disturb the reindeer herders and their reindeer’s in their work and we try to avoid bad weather as much as possible.


The tour starts and ends in Saltoluokta

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Experience wilderness guide
One dog team per person
Warm jacket, pants, warm shoes, hat, gloves
Sleeping bag and equipment for the husky tour
Fullboard from dinner day 1 until breakfast day 8 (Typical Lapland and Swedish food)
Accommodation, 2 nights at Saltoluokta mountain station (shared group room), 5 nights in wilderness cabins


Travel as well as transfer to and from Saltoluokta Mountain Station
Travel insurance
Alcoholic beverages


● Single room at Saltoluokta first and last night 1140 kr
● Private double room at Saltoluokta first and last night 1100 kr


Day 1 - Arrival to Saltoluokta Mountain Station

We meet at dinnertime at Saltoluokta Mountain Station. The dinner is usually at 17:30.
If you arrive earlier in the day you will have the possibility to borrow snowshoes from us if you like to go for a shorter hike in the area. If you prefer skiing you can rent skiis from Saltoluokta. Enjoy a sauna or just curl up by the cozy fireplace in the entrance. The Saltoluokta restaurant usually serves food out of the ordinary. A combination of local food, traditional cuisine inspired by the modern new ideas.

Day 2 - First day of dogsledding

Breakfast at Saltoluokta Mountain Station. We load the sleds and you get a lesson in how to handle a dog sled, how to break, harness the dogs and how to steer. Then make us ready to start. When the dog teams are ready we lift our snow ancers and stear our teams west along the Great Lule river valley. We pass by Stora Sjöfallet and go north towards the Teusajaure cabin where we plan to arrive during the afternoon. At Teusajaure cabin offers a sauna and for those who want it is possible to get a soothing sauna before dinner.

Day 3 - Off-piste through Stora Sjöfallet National Park

Our journey goes further west along the Teusadalen. This valley is famous for its rich population of moose in winter. From Teusajaure we leave the marked trail and find our way along a small river, Suorggejohka. This stretch can offer both surprisingly bad snow conditions, but also offer fantastic conditions with opportunities for wildlife-watching.
The landscape changes is character from a narrow valley with birch forest up to the treeless open expanses. The Sitasjaurecabin is the goal for today.

Day 4 - Moon landscape and the border to Norway

The trail north from Sitasjaure leads us over open mountain plains. Today we won’t see any trees. Everything is open, vast and desolate. During the day, we will come very close to our neighboring country in the west, Norway. The Hukejaure cabin which is our goal for the day lies in a landscape resembling of the moon. Here we stay overnight and hopefully we will not feel the strong wind from the Atlantic as at times pushes up from the west and shake the cabin.

Day 5 - Towards the high mountains

We leave the Hukejaure cabin and steer our dog teams east towards the mountains of Kebnekaise. During the day, the landscape character again and from the open wide spaces we travel into deep valleys, surrounded of high mountains and if the weather is good we will spot Kebnekaise, Swedish highest mountain top. Today we have several options for where we can stay overnight. The Sälka cabin, Kebnekaise mountain lodge, the Singi cabin och maybe Kaitumjaure. We let weather, wind, the dogs and the group’s daily shape determine the exact route.

Day 6 - Kungsleden - The King's Trail

During the day we will return to Teusajaure cabin where we have already stayed once. We follow the King’s Trail south and from the treeless valley the journey goes down and we pass areas of the small grown mountain birc. At the Teusajaure cabin we can again enjoy the wood heated sauna.

Day 7 - Back to Saltoluokta”

Today we steer our dog teams east along the lakes towards Stora Sjöfallet and further along down to Saltoluokta Mountain Lodge. This day we go the same route as we did our first day of mushing. The difference is that now the traveling by dogsled has become a part of your life. You are more relaxed on the sled and you are able to enjoy the view more than you did the first day. At Saltoluokta Mountain Station sauna, a shower and a delicious dinner awaits us.

Dag 8 - Departure day

Breakfast at Saltoluokta Mountain Station. The snow mobile transfer over the lake to the bus usually leaves after lunch so if you like you can borrow our snowshoes and go for a stroll in the area.

Tour conditions:

All activities are mostly moderate but sometimes hard. In wilderness cabin we sleep on bunk beds in mixed room with both gentlemen’s and women’s. The wilderness cabins are heated with wood/gas and have no electricity or running water. Dry toilet is available by the cabins.
No former dog sled experience is required but you must like animals and feel compassion for them.

How physically demanding will it be?

How physically demanding it will be depends very much on the snow and weather conditions during the tour. But, to go dogsledding requires that you have good balance and are reasonable fit. In up-hills and heavy snow conditions you must help your dogs by kicking beside the sled and sometimes also run and push the sled in steep up-hills (which can go on for quite a while in the mountains.)
You also need to have in mind that you will be physically active outside in the cold for many hours each day. Our tours are not made up touristic adventures but real experiences where everybody work as a team and helps with everything from taking care of the dogs, cooking, loading the sleds, fetching water and setting up tents (when on a trip including camping) etc.

If you are unsure if you are able to take part don’t hesitate to send us an email and tell us about yourself and your worries. Women seem to underestimate them self very often, while men sometimes overestimate their own physical capacity. On our tours, we have people from all over the world of all genders.

For who?

Minimum age is 18 years old.


We all meet for dinner in the restaurant at Saltoluokta Mountain Station at 18:00 on the arrival day.

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Not available 2023

Group size: Max 4 participants

Before you book, make sure you read all information about this tour, such as tour conditions and what is required of you as a participant.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

»Terms and conditions

Note! We will manually review the booking to make sure that the minimum number of  2 participants is reached to conduct the tour. We will confirm availability within the shortest possible time after we receive your order.
Until your booking is confirmed no payment or charges will be applied, and credit card details are held for security purposes only.

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Happy sled dogs, Siberian huskies on the husky trip along the northern King’s trail.
High mountains and deep valleys along the husky trip along the northern King´s Trail.
Dog sleds in uphill from Teusajaure and north along the northern King’s Trail. Husky trip.
Airphoto over the mountain hut in Hukejaure on a husky trip.
Snowstorm mountain cabin on the husky trip along the King’s Trail.
Dinner in a mountain cabin in Swedish Lapland on a husky trip.
Resting sled dogs on the husky trip along the northern King’s Trail.
Dog sled teams in Swedish Lapland. Husky trip along the northern King’s Trail.
Northern lights over the cabin in Hukejaure on the husky trip along the King’s Trail.
Air photo over a mountain hut in the Swedish mountains on a husky trip along the King’s Trail.
Harnessing sled dogs on a husky trip in Swedish Lapland.
Norwegian border sign in the Swedish mountains in Lapland. Image from a husky trip.

Tour Reviews

7 May, 2019

8 DAY DOG SLED TOUR (review fr TripAdvisor)
We had an amazing experience. Our dog sled tour with Mattie was absolutely the best vacation we’ve taken. The dogs are incredible. They’re sweet, hard working, and incredible athletes. Mattie and Stina love their dogs. Their care is immediately apparent. We encountered several other dog tour operators and their dogs behaved completely different (more wild, uncontrolled).
In fact, I had a few people remark how quiet and well behaved their dogs were compared to the other tours coming through the area. Mattie and Stina’s dogs are beautiful, gentle, sweet…. can you tell I love them?
We had to make a few adjustments to the tour plan because of weather. Don’t be surprised if this happens. It won’t impact your experience. Everywhere you go is beautiful. Mattie brought wonderful food. I’m picky and a vegetarian and I was never hungry. In fact, I probably put on weight because of all the food I ate.
But an important point to make – if you’re going on a multi-day tour be ready to work. The dogs work hard but it’s important to help them. If the sled is going uphill, you should be running alongside. When you get up in the morning you should help feed the dogs. At night you should help feed and sometimes put coats on the dogs.
They can be long days but I loved every second of it. We’ll definitely plan another tour with Mattie and Stina- but next time we’ll get out for longer. /KellieSwann

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