The ”Ingen Grenser” puppies are growing

The ”Ingen Grenser” puppies are growing.
In the end of august this year where we and the dogs in a film job for the Norwegian television company NRK. (The Norwegian edition of “No boundaries”.)
In an unguarded moment during a lunch break John managed to get loose from his collar and ran happily over to Rut who was in heat (had her period). This short moment of love resulted in a litter with 6 small spirited puppies. 5 males and 1 female.
Jenki Lindgren from Fugitive’s racing Siberian kennel has booked 2 puppies, Volker and Jasmin Husmann (Experience on the way) will have 2 and we will keep 2 by our self.
If you want to see movie clips and photos etc from the TV job you can look at the “Ingen Grenser” website.
Luckily the camera men slept while Rut and John had their romantic moment…
/Matti & Stina

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