International television about Swedish Ecotourism
The mid winter days are short and we make cozy camp fires in the forest land of Jokkmokk.

The German DW Deutsche Welle came to us for a visit in November. They were filming a feature about Swedish Ecotourism for their series Fair Lifestyle – Travel.

Stina was out on an Overnight tour with dog sled at the time together with Hilde and Simon from Belgium. Matti and the DW reporter joined on day two for filming and interviews.

The Awareness of ecotourism and responsible travel is increasing and more and more people are looking to eco-certified tour operators when choosing their holiday.
Jokkmokkguiderna is an approved Nature´s Best operator since 2003.
The Nature’s Best labels tour operators who go the extra mile for their landscape, local people, the environment and most importantly for you as a customer.

Welcome to take a peek into our life!
(The TV broadcast is in English.)

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