Soon the summer is over and the beautiful autumn makes its entrance. The month of September offer a color exploding landscape, mosquito free days and dark nights with a chance to see the northern lights. We offer two hiking tours in September and there are still a few places left.

The German DW Deutsche Welle came to us for a visit in November. They were filming a feature about Swedish Ecotourism for their series Fair Lifestyle – Travel. Stina was out on an Overnight tour with dog sled at the time together with Hilde and Simon from Belgium. Matti and the DW reporter joined on

Many of our guests choose the more environmental friendly way to travel and come with the night train from Stockholm to Lapland. The train company SJ that run the Stockholm – Jokkmokk stretch is now introducing a new travel term guarantee by delay on the train. If the train get 1 hour delayed they give

Laponia got the inscription as a world heritage by UNESCO in 1996. It’s the only world heritage in Scandinavia that fulfills the criteria for both cultural and natural importance and is one of 25 in the whole world. Laponia is a big nature area of 9 400 km² including Sarek, Padjelanta, Muddus and Stora Sjöfallet