Crossing Lapland

On Sunday we met the four guests that should follow us on the tour from Jokkmokk to Saltoluokta. We ate dinner, looked at maps, talk about equipment and had a nice time together. The next day, Monday morning, we all met at the kennel. Guy (France) and Lars (Sweden) has been on tours with us before but got a quick rehearsal when I gave instructions to Marco and Elke from Germany. We review brakes, anchors, lines and of cause the dogs. Not long after this we were on our way in full speed west. This tour gives you everything from the woodland in the east, frozen lakes and the bare mountains in the west. The distance we travel is 220 km. The nights are spent in cosy timber huts in the forest and in the Swedish tourist organisations cabins in the mountains. We also have the luxury to stay one night in Årrenjarka Mountain Village where we stay in a cabin with showers and heated floors. Entrecote in the nice restaurant tasted excellent after this week’s longest distance, 60 km. Tor-Henrik Buljo came with his Alaskan huskies and met us on the trail when we had 12 km remaining to Årrenjarka. Here and there parts of the trail had blown away so our dogs had to struggle with the heavy loaded sleds. Tor-Henrik and Magdalena who both live in Årrenjarka followed us a part of the trail the next day and in Kvikkjokk we ate lunch together before they turned back home. On the 28th February we arrived to Saltoluokta Mountain Station. Here we met a nice crew and was served nice food, showers and sauna. A very nice week with nice people both along the trail and in the group! Thank you!


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