Kids and sleddogs.

Children and Family week at Saltoluokta Mountain Station! Every year Saltoluokta offers this arrangement for several weeks. Families can come and enjoy the winter in Lapland and try everything from snow cave digging, sledge races, skiing, ice fishing and dog sledding. Me, Jasmin + 10 dogs and a big sled packed our self up in the car and drove to Saltoluokta already yesterday evening. This morning we met with all the children and parents and drove short rides with the kids that also got to try ice fishing and to bake traditional Sámi bread in a big tipi tent. The kids were happy and crawled around among the huskies for cuddling and got lot of well-meant kisses from their new four legged friends. When everybody was satisfied we head home with well petted dogs that are now snuggling in the straw in their dog houses.


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