Dog sledding adventure with family from Great Britain
"In to the sun set with our dog teams like the cowboys always have done.

Patrick, a father of three kids contacted us and was wondering if it was possible to take his whole family out on a dog sled tour in Swedish Lapland. Of cause! we answered and after several phone calls and a lot of emailing back and forth the family arrived to Jokkmokk well equipped with wool clothes. During our weeklong tour the temperature dropped all the way down to -42 C (in the nights) and we had to keep the fire going in the cabin stoves. Through to the basic layers of wool clothes the cold never became a problem. The highest temperature this week was -25 C.
Patrick, Kate, Milo, Oscar and Amber were in charge of three dog teams all together and I drove a bigger transporting sled with most of the gear. We travelled between different timber huts west from Jokkmokk. The children helped out with everything from wood- and water fetching, dog care and firing. It’s amazing to see how natural kids find them self in new environments and how fast they learn new things. Ice fishing was on the agenda for one of the days and another day we took a snowshoe hike into the snow-covered pine forest. Another cold week has passed this winter and it seems to be one of the coldest since very long time.

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