Dog teams along the Northern Kings trail in Sweden
Working Husky Masi had some problem with kennel cough so he ordered a mountain-taxi from Alesjaure.

Ritsem became our starting point for this year’s tour along the northern Kings trail. We had to change a bit in the program to make the first day a bit easier for the dogs that had have kennel cough the week before.
My companion through the Kebnekaise Mountains were Steve (England), Nora (Switzerland), Tommy and Lars (Sweden).
Ritsem, Sitasjaure, Hukejaure, Ivarsteinen (border cairn to Norway), Sälka, Ladtjovagge, Tjäktja, Alesjaure, Abiskojaure and then down to Abisko was the route for this week. The weather gods gave us drifting snow, sunshine, drizzle and wind.
In Sälka the news about the volcanic eruption at Island reached us. Steve who had flight booked took the news with a cheerful mood even if he didn’t know how or if he could come home to England.
The peak of Kebnekaise was sadly covered by clouds during the days we were near. Hopefully we will see the peak next year.
You are all welcome back dear companions!
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