This week I have guided a group hiking along the northern Kings Trail, Kungsleden. Sometimes we are hired as guides by the Swedish Tourist Association for their groups. We started in Abisko and walked south along the Kings Trail down to Nikkaluokta. Pretty nice weather, beautiful fall colors, a nice group of 10 participants and

After the first night spent at Saltoluokta Mountain Station we loaded the dogs in the car trailer and drove up to Ritsem. On the tour this week were Richard and Jacob from US. During the week we got changing weather with everything from wind and snow flurries to bright sunshine and heating sun. From Sitasjaure

After the first dog sledding course it was time for course number 2. We are very happy that the Swedish Tourist Organization managed to book two fully booked groups. Like the last week we began the course with a day tour down to Björkudden where we ate lunch at Camp Björkudden. The next day we

This week we had several previous guests coming back. Ulla (Sweden) who followed us on the tour The northern Kings Trail with huskies in 2009 and Paula and Franco (Italy) which followed on the tour The gate to Sarek National Park in 2010. We also got two new guests, Dorothea (Netherlands) and Terje (Norway). We

Kungsleden (the Kings Trail) is a summer and winter trail going from Abisko in the north to Hemavan in the south, almost 430 km long. This is one of Swedens most well known hiking trails and this year it’s among the finalists at Trip Global Award for one of the best experiences in Sweden. In

Ritsem became our starting point for this year’s tour along the northern Kings trail. We had to change a bit in the program to make the first day a bit easier for the dogs that had have kennel cough the week before. My companion through the Kebnekaise Mountains were Steve (England), Nora (Switzerland), Tommy and

This week’s direction was set to the north. Peter and Diane (New Zealand), Ulla (Sweden), Hadewych (The Netherlands) and Florian (Germany) joined at Saltoluokta and become this tours group together with the dogs. The plan was to follow the Kingstrail north from Saltoluokta to Abisko. We drove from Stora Sjöfallet further on through Teusavagge. When