Dogsledding along perfect trails
Tentipi camp at the Arctic Circle south from Jokkmokk.

Finally we got some days blessed from the absence of heavy snowfalls. The trails froze hard and we could travel in a much better speed then last week. On the other hand with the clear sky the temperature also dropped down to below -30°C, but the small forest huts with their fiery wood stoves kept us warm during the nights.
On this tour I had company of Maria and Martin from Sweden. Both of them have lots of outdoor experience and on their lists of experiences they have for example a ski tour across Greenland and a climb up Mount Everest.
We got a nice and pleasant tour with lots of talk about everything between heaven and earth.

At the same time as I was on this tour Volker took care of one of our other guests, Roderic Sherrel from Switzerland. They also made our four day tour Dog sledding adventure and northern lights in the same area. Also from this tour we got a very positive report!


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