Mushing in the Taiga in Swedish Lapland
Full moon over the taiga of Swedish Lapland.

After the latest heavy snowfall Alex and I head out along the trails in the wood land of Jokkmokk. The sleds were heavy and we had to help the dogs by kicking behind our dog sleds.
The plan was to start out with three guests but Stefan and Gian got stuck in Zürich because of the snow chaos in middle Europe and hooked up with us on day 2 of the tour.

We traveled for 6 days through the Lapland forests. It became a more physical heavy week than normal because of all the new snow that fell but also the cold made it harder.
The good food, approx 150 km of dog sledding, the camp fires, the cozy timber hut, the tipi tent with the glowing wood stove made it to a great week out on the trail.
Maybe the full moon was the best when the moonlight made the nights real bright. Unfortunately it becomes harder to see the northern lights in the moon shine, but it’s really beautiful with moonlight nights too.

Next departure for the tour Mushing in the Taiga in Swedish Lapland is 12-19 Feb. 2011,
There is still available places on this tour.

/ Matti

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