The gate to Sarek National Park
Roland with his dog team on Sitojaure lake.

After a few days of rest for the dogs at home at the kennel we loaded sleds and dogs again for a new week tour (6 days) from Saltoluokta.
On this tour followed Marianne and Roland from the southernmost parts of Sweden and Paola and Franco from Italy.
On the first day we had hard wind and a lot of snow was in the air. After checking the weather forecasts we decided not to go up on the bare mountain and instead go on a day tour down along the Lulea River. You should always have respect for bad weather in the mountains. We got a windy but nice tour down in the protecting forest and ate lunch with the Öberg family in Björkudden.
The next day we headed up to the mountains and defied the decreasing wind. Sitojaure, Sitoälven, Aktse, Tjaktjajaure, Rittak, Aktsenjunjes, Sitojaure and finally back to Saltoluokta Mountain Station. The tour was enlightening by very nice guests and sometimes interesting weather.
If I should make a summery of this tour I would say that even if it was very windy the first day we could have taken us to Sitojaure the first day, but the margins was smaller than I wished and it would have been a very hard day.
You should always be open for modifications of your plans when you travel in the mountains.

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