Overnight tour with dog sled
Issa, my border collie races infront of my team.

Lisa and Matthias from Germany followed me for two days on a tour in the forests of Jokkmokk.
Matthias drove his own team of dogs on a short 3 hour tour with us last winter and found out that this was fun and he wanted more. This is a very common phenomenon with people who try dog sledding. You just have to do it again and again and …
Now he came back with his girlfriend Lisa and we got two very nice days together.
After instructions in how to handle the dog team we drove 31 km to a very cosy timber hut called Fallkojan. I think this is one of my favourite huts.
Along the way we made lunch over open fire by Pärlälven (that means Pearl River).
On the tour we had most of the young dogs that was borne in June last summer. They made a terrific job and are very friendly and calm.
After a good sleep in the cabin we headed back the next day over a layer of new fallen snow.
Maybe Lisa and Matthias will come back for an even longer tour next year…?

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