Modern Mushing to end the season!

It was time again to end another sled dog season up in the mountains.
I loaded the snowmobile, cleaned out the room and it was time to leave Saltoluokta Mountain station. It’s always a bit sad that the season ends, all the nice guests and the staff at the station but of cause also because the snow disappears. The dogs are at their peak and it gets more and more beautiful in the nature and then the snow melts away and we have to go home…
To make it more efficient to transport everything over to the car on the other side of the lake Langas I hooked the sleds behind the snowmobile and went over. Then back again and harness the dogs in front of the snowmobile and went over in two rounds. Nice and easy.
Stina had a couple of days before brought home most of the huskies so I had only two teams left.
For this time, Farwell mountains!

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