So the summer passed

Another summer passed with many nice tours here in Swedish Lapland. We have trekked along the King’s Trail, canoeing in the Pearl River nature reserve, crossed Sarek National park by foot, travelled along the paths in the forests of Muddus National park, seen the great Sarek moose in the valley Rapadalen and much more. Many wonderful tours and nice acquaintances with guests from near and far.

Canoeing seems to get more popular for each year and many find their way to us to rent canoes to explore Lapland’s water ways by them self. To paddle is a fantastic way of travel without carrying a heavy backpack. Instead you have all your gear in the canoe and can peacefully gliding along and enjoy the nature.

Home at the husky kennel, new kennels have been built and dog sleds and other equipment have got the required service. The dogs also need daily activities during the summer with lots of free running, play and socializing with us. We also got five new puppies from other kennels since our females didn’t get any puppies this year.


We summarize another nice summer. Indeed, it has been little wetter than it usually is with many rainy days but that’s how nature is.Matti & Stina
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