7 Dagar, 7 Days
19-25 Aug 2024
max. 8 participants
Group Size
Guesthouse, Tent

Join us on a guided hiking tour in an area that many mountain hikers classify as one of Sweden’s most beautiful places. Hike to Aktse, an old mountain settlement and the gate to Sarek National Park and, trek up to the top of mount Skierfe with its steep cliff ledge and enjoy the epic view over Sweden’s most grand delta landscape.

Tourist brochures and equipment catalogs often show images of Skierfe and the majestic delta landscape, but also the so often photographed view of the mouth of the Rapadalen valley that leads right into the heart of Sarek National Park. Although these are well known areas, we probably won’t encounter many other hikers.

This is a hike for those who want to visit perhaps the most famous place in the Swedish mountains and it’s also suitable for those who have never done mountain hiking before. We hike in a small group and spend the nights in tents, which means that we do not have to share space with others in any crowded cabin and gives us more freedom to choose places for our night camps.
The aim of the hike is, of course, that we should get to the summit of Skierfe and to view the beautiful river delta but, also to live in nature and enjoy all that our Swedish mountains has to offer.


The tour starts and ends in Jokkmokk

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Experienced nature guide (English and Swedish speaking)
2 nights at Åsgård Hostel, part in double room
4 nights in tents
All meals from dinner day 1 to breakfast day 7
Outdoor equipment: tent, cooking gear and camping stove
Safety equipment: satellite phone and first aid kit
Car transport with minibus to and from Jokkmokk and the starting point for the hike


Travel to and from Jokkmokk
Alcoholic beverages
Travel and cancellation insurance


● Rental of sleeping bag and inflatable sleeping mat, 900 SEK/set
● Single room supplement at Åsgård Hostel the first and last night, 550 SEK/pers


from the hiking tour in September 2020


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Day 1 - Welcome to Jokkmokk!

The cozy Åsgård Hostel is located in central Jokkmokk. Check-in no earlier than 3PM. If you arrive earlier in the day, we highly recommend a visit to Ájtte, the Swedish Mountain and Sami Museum in Jokkmokk.
We all meet up, guide and participants, at Åsgård Hostel at 5PM and go through the upcoming program, take a look at your backpacks and packing, and divides the common equipment such as tents and cooking gear. Afterwards we will be served dinner at the hostel and we get some time to get to know each other better.

Day 2 - Towards the mountains

After breakfast at the hostel, we head west in our minibus * and after a few hours drive we arrive at the bridge over the river Sitoälven. Here we divide the food for the coming days between each other before we start our hike, which today is an easy hike along a bike path, approx. 10 km. The goal for the day is the lake Laidaure’s eastern shore where we set up our tents, cook dinner and make camp for the night.
* If you have your own car and don’t want to ride in the minibus with others, you can of course drive yourself to the starting place.

Day 3 - Aktse and up on the bare mountain

After breakfast we pack up our tents and set off towards Aktse. The first part (about 6 km) of today’s stage is easy to walk and we follow the marked hiking trail. The hike goes through vast spruce forest with elements of wetlands and after a while we reach the beautifully situated mountain homestead Aktse and we are now at Kungsleden – the King’s Trail. Here we take a lunch break and enjoy the moment. It is good to replenish with some energy before the substantial climb up to the bare mountain, which is a 300 meters ascent in just over 1 km.
Depending on where we can find water and the current weather situation we decide where we will set our camp for the night. It may be that we stop right above the tree line, but it may also be that we hike on towards Skierfe before we camp. 

Day 4 - The summit of Skierfe

The plan for the day is to trek up to the summit of Skierfe if the weather forecast is good.
Skierfe is one of the more spectacular mountains in the Swedish mountain range. From Skierfe you can usually scout for grazing moose down in the delta of the Rapadalen valley. In the west you will see Sarek National Park’s snow-capped high mountains and deep green valleys and if the weather is good we take the opportunity to just sit for a while and enjoy the mountains and the panoramic view.

Day 5 - The last day on the bare mountain

This day we have different route options. Either we go down to Aktse the same route as we came or, we chose to hike down more towards the north side. Depending on the weather, wind and availability of water, we decide which route we take. We strive to set our camp above the tree line, but it can also be that we move further down into the forest or that we set camp down by Lake Laidaures shore. 

Day 6 - Heading back to Jokkmokk and the civilization

It’s our last morning in our tents and now everyone know the routines for taking down and pack everything. Most of the food is gone and our backpacks are considerably much lighter. Often you get the feeling that the days past by so fast, and maybe they have, but we have nevertheless managed to collect many new impressions.
We hike down to our starting point, the bridge by the river Sitoälven which is very easy to walk. We load everything in the car and drive down to Jokkmokk and check in at Åsgård Hostel. After taking a needed shower and change to clean clothes, we meet again and enjoy a tasty dinner together.

Note: The itinerary for the hiking days may change depending on the weather. We will try to adapt so that we get as stable and good weather as possible when we go to the summit of Skierfe. We travel in an area where the forces of nature can be strong, and instead of fighting against nature, we are part of it.


Day 7 - Departure day

Breakfast at the hostel before checking out. If you have more time to spend in Jokkmokk before your travel home, take the chance to visit the Museum if you didn’t get the chance on day 1. We also have some nice shops in Jokkmokk with handicraft, art, jewelry and Sámi design etc.

For who?
Recommended minimum age is 18 years
You should be able to walk in uneven terrain with a backpack without problems and be in general good physical shape. Walking level is medium but remember that you must be able to carry a backpack of 18-25 kg.

We meet at Åsgård Hostel (Jokkmokks Vandrarhem) at 5 PM on day 1, arrival day.
Adress: Åsgatan 20, 962 31 Jokkmokk, SWEDEN

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19 – 25 Aug 2024

Other dates on request

Group size: Minimum 3 max 8 participants

BEFORE YOU BOOK, make sure you read all information under the tabs ITINERARY and IMPORTANT INFO so you know what is required of you as a participant.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Note! We will manually review the booking and will confirm availability within the shortest possible time after we receive your order. Until your booking is confirmed no payment or charges will be applied.

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Tour Reviews

17 July, 2020

It was a wonderful trip. Full of beautiful views. Matti is a very kind guide and he was careful with breaks for the/coffee and food. Great!
He gave me good tips on how I can become a better hiker. I got time to take photos and he showed and knew many flowers and tracks of reindeer, moose and ptarmigans.
I received answers on how sleeping bags, sleeping mats and tents should be handled. How to sleep in a tent without getting condensation or adjust the amount of clothes to avoid condensation and stay dry. What kind of equipment is good to have, type of clothing that is suitable for mountain hiking. Where to set up the tent to avoid mosquitoes. Where to buy affordable hiking equipment. Hiking in general. Cooking, washing dishes and other utensils.
I got answers to my questions. Would have asked about map reading with a compass but forgot it.
Matti thanks for guiding me. / Peter

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