Red Mad River canoe with beautiful sky on the tour: Canoe adventure in the Pearl River Nature reserve with Jokkmokkguiderna.

Canoe Adventure in the Pearl river Nature Reserve, Lapland

Follow on a canoe adventure in one of Lapland’s unknown wilderness areas. A
per person
5 Days
17 – 21 Aug 2020
Vandring till Skierfe och porten till Sarek

Hiking to mount Skierfe and the Gate to Sarek National Park

Join us on a guided hiking tour in an area that many mountain
per person
6 Days
7 – 12 Sept 2020
Few spots left

Wildlife expedition in Sarek National Park, Lapland

Sarek National Park is the most remote wilderness area in Europe. No roads,
per person
8 Days
19 – 26 Sept 2020