3 hours
Dec – April
max. 8 participants
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Spend some magical hours at Anna and Erik’s camp at the Arctic Circle. Meet Anna and some of her reindeer, learn about the Sami culture, listen to joik and enjoy a traditional meal from the Sami kitchen in the lávvu.

Anna and Erik are an indigenous Sámi couple who lives the indigenous lifestyle based on reindeer herding. Anna will share her passion for the culture and the reindeer with you.
You will meet some of her reindeer in a corral. Reindeers are curious friendly animals and you will be able to get really close and feed them.

In the lávvu (tipi, traditional Sami tent) you gather around the fire and Anna will tell stories and you will learn about the Sámi history and culture. Over the open fire a lunch will be prepared. The ingredients will depend on the season and what nature has to offer but it will be local specialties such as fish, moose or reindeer (options for special dietary requirements can be arranged).
You will also get to listen to joik. Joik is the traditional Sami way of singing and to musically tell a story and remember the old times.

Welcome to spend some relaxing hours for all your senses!


Arctic circle road 97, Jokkmokk Lapland. (There is several Arctic Circle locations, this one is at road 97.)
NOTE! Transfer is not offered so you need to arrange transfer yourself.


Sámi guide
Traditional lunch
Meet and feed reindeer
Storytelling and joik (traditional Sámi music)
The experience last approx. 3 hours

For who?

You have to be physically mobile. In the lávvu you sit traditionally on reindeer skins on the ground so you need to be mobile enough to sit and rise up from the ground.

If you are unsure if you are able to take part don’t hesitate to send us an email and tell us about yourself and your worries.

No age limits.


Meeting point is at the Arctic Circle monument on road 97, 15 km east of Jokkmokk. (There is several Arctic Circle locations, this one is at road 97.)
NOTE! Transfer is not offered so you need to arrange transfer yourself.

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Group size: minimum 2 persons, max 8

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Sami culture with Anna at the arctic circle in Jokkmokk, Lapland.
Sami culture and reindeer at the Arctic circle. Silba Siida.
Sami culture and reindeer at the Arctic circle
Anna will tell you about Sami culture and history in the lávvu.
Meet with Anna Kuhmunen and her reindeers at Jokkmokk Market. The Gems of Jokkmokk Winter Market.
Boiling coffee cowboy coffee over open fire. Overnight tour with dog sled with Jokkmokkguiderna.

Tour Reviews

25 February, 2020

Meeting Anna last week was simply magic. We learnt so much about the Sami culture and the Swedish way of being… it was amazing. She is so kind, so full of life and so authentic!
She shared everything about her own life with us, as we would have been friends since several years… we all felt immediately part of her world and to be very honest very jealous about the simplicity of her life… which at the same time seemed so complicated to accept for people of the current crazy busy world of today.
The food was great, meeting the reindeers was a lovely experience, so peaceful.
We will strongly recommend this activity to all our friends and would definitively put a 10/10 score for the organization and overall feeling!
Thank you so much for this incredible experience! /Diana

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