8 Days
Juni – Sept, June – Sept
Self-guided, Självguidad

8 days self-guided canoe trip in the Pearl River Nature reserve or Pärlälvens Naturreservat that it is called in Swedish. Here you find true wilderness with incredibly beautiful nature, with real old-growth forests and small mountains that line the lakes.
Here you meet very few people and the area is optimal for mixing paddling with hiking, fishing, and outdoor life. 

Lake Karats is an elongated lake that stretches approx. 25 km east to west. In the east, are flat areas with islands and islets. In the west, the valley gets narrower and the lake is lined by small mountains.
A day trip on foot up the mountain Farforita is highly recommended. Up there, you have a mile-long view of the nature reserve, which offers different types of forests. Here you can find everything from old pine forests to deciduous forests, mountain birches, and bare mountains.


From Karats you can make a portage past the whitewater rapids in Lillselet over to the next lake called Peuraure, which is the same size as lake Karats. You have to carry the canoe because it’s an uneven trail between the two lakes so it’s not possible to use a canoe cart here. It’s a quite tough portage that usually takes a full day. First, you carry the canoe and then you walk back to get your bags and equipment. Then the same procedure when you’re going back, so you need to calculate with 2 days just to go between these two lakes.
Most people chose to just stay on Lake Karats and explore and enjoy all the nice places around there.

There are no fixed routes in this area. Lake Karats and Peuraure are huge lakes so do not set an exact plan that you have to paddle around the whole lake or of how many kilometers you should paddle each day. The thing with being in the wilderness is to enjoy each day as it comes. You can never plan for what the weather or wind would be like so you have to have an open mindset and be prepared to change plans. Live with nature. Take each day as it comes, camp where you find a nice spot, fish and just enjoy life!

You need to have some outdoor experience to go canoeing in this area. There are no marked trails, big parts of the area have no cellphone connection, it’s far away from help and very few people travel here.
You need to be aware that strong winds can set in quickly and high waves may occur on a big lake which can make it very dangerous in just minutes. So, be careful and always paddle close to shore and never cross the whole lake.


1 canoe for 2 people
2 Life jackets, 3 paddles
1 Waterproof barrel 60 liters
Sponge, poop shovel, garbage bag
Loan of tour map
Transportation between Jokkmokk and the launch point for 2 persons




BEFORE YOU BOOK, make sure you read everything, also under the tab INFORMATION & MAPS so you know what is required of you.
Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

NOTE! Price per package is for 2 persons
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Pick-up times:

Day 1: Meet us at Jokkmokk bus station at 11:00
Day 8: Meet us at the launch point at 12:30 (We’re back in Jokkmokk approx.14:30)

» How to get here


  • You need to be packed and ready for departure when we meet at the bus station on day 1.
  • If you see that you will not reach the pick-up point at the appointed time on day 8, you need to contact us no later than 24 hours before the regular pick-up time, so we together can plan when to pick you and the equipment up. In case of this scenario, you will be charged the regular transport price for the total extra mileage, 140 Sek/10 km. Extra transports take place when we have time.
  • If we do not get the canoe and equipment back on time, you will also be charged extra rent according to regular prices.
  • We take for granted that you respect Allemansrätten – The Right of Public Access, and of course, you do not throw garbage and trash in nature or in shelters.
  • You need to know how to paddle and be able to navigate by map.

For information about fishing regulations and to buy fishing permits visit: www.natureit.se

Map over lake Karats

Show Pärlälvens Naturreservat ( paddling) on a bigger map

Map over lake Peuraure

Show Pärlälvens Naturreservat ( paddling) on a bigger map

Dates 2023:
15 – 22 June
22 -29 June
29 June – 6 July
6 – 13 July
13 – 20 July
20 – 27 July
27 July- 3 Aug
3 – 10 Aug
10 – 17 Aug

Before you book, make sure you read all information about this tour, such as tour conditions and what is required of you.
Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

NOTE! Price per package is for 2 persons
» Booking Terms and Conditions

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