Autumn is here and winter is coming closer
Höstträning Hundspann

The tourist season for the summer is over and we spend most of our time with training the dogs for the approaching winter. The huskies are in good shape and is as happy and excited before every training run.
If you are curious about how we train our sled dogs take a look at the page about OUR HUSKIES.


The Aurora Borealis have given us spectacular light shows many evenings and nights already since August and it seems like we are going to get another good winter season with great chances to get to see the northern lights dance across the sky.
If you like to learn about what the Aurora Borealis is you can check out the page about this light phenomena where you will find lots of facts and more beautiful photos.
Click here to reach the page NORTHERN LIGHTS / AURORA BOREALIS.

/Stina & Matti


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