The tourist season for the summer is over and we spend most of our time with training the dogs for the approaching winter. The huskies are in good shape and is as happy and excited before every training run. If you are curious about how we train our sled dogs take a look at the

The auroral activity is intensive at the moment. Many evenings and nights the Aurora Borealis is dancing over the sky here in Jokkmokk and it seems like we are going to have another dog sledding season with lots of Northern Lights. It’s getting darker earlier and earlier and many training runs with our huskies are

Throughout history, people have always been amazed and fascinated by the green and red light dancing over the sky in the nights. In Latin it is called Aurora Borealis. We who live above the Arctic Circle see it once in a while. Even so we often stop and look up to enjoy the spectacular light

This week we had several previous guests coming back. Ulla (Sweden) who followed us on the tour The northern Kings Trail with huskies in 2009 and Paula and Franco (Italy) which followed on the tour The gate to Sarek National Park in 2010. We also got two new guests, Dorothea (Netherlands) and Terje (Norway). We

After spending two nights at Saltoluokta Mountain Station after the last tour me, 20 huskies and Lotta and Maria two gusts from Uppsala headed out with three teams south along the Kings Trail. During the first days it was cloudy and a bit windy. The third night when we were in Pårte cabin we got