Jokkmokkguiderna in Volvo XC commercial

Jokkmokkguiderna is proud to be listed as one of Volvo Cross Country Travels Top 50 Scandinavian Adventures .

Last winter a film crew from Volvo was here filming me and 8 of our huskies .
Their plan was to film us dog sledding in Sarek National Park but they had very short time, just one day, so we had to shoot the film here in Jokkmokk.
Sarek National Park is true wilderness and is not easy accessible. It takes about one day to reach from where the road ends.
We make one dog sled tour every winter going straight through Sarek.
Explore Sarek National Park is our toughest tour and require that you have outdoor experience since before.
Even though the environment in the movie is not correct it is very nicely filmed and you get the feeling of dogsledding.

If you are interested in a dog sled adventure short or long, easy or tough, take a look at our different Dog sled tours .

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