Flaming autumn in Swedish Lapland
On our way up to Lulep Kierkau, the house mountain of Saltoluokta montain lodge.

Another great hiking week has passed. With Saltoluokta Mountain Station as my employer and starting point me and a group from Finland made a hiking tour south along the Kings trail.
The autumn colors are here and the mountains starts to blaze in orange, red and yellow. The mosquitoes are gone and the morning mists starts to come. The air is clear and fresh and full of oxygen. For each breath it feels like you get healed from inside.
The group came from Österbotten which is from the Swedish speaking part of Finland.
I’m so thankful for the insight I get in other peoples lives. This week it was Finnish people and other times it’s Americans, Egypt’s, Italians etc.
I got some prejudiced confirmed about the Swedish speaking Finnish people! They are hardworking, reliable and they have a honest and fine pride for their origin and their history in the Finnish winter war.
What I didn’t know was that they have a great sense of humor.
Now I know! And I thank our neighbors in the east for a nice couple of days.

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