Hiking along the northern King’s Trail
Rainbow over the colored birch forrest. South from Abiskojaure.

This week I have guided a group hiking along the northern Kings Trail, Kungsleden.
Sometimes we are hired as guides by the Swedish Tourist Association for their groups.
We started in Abisko and walked south along the Kings Trail down to Nikkaluokta. Pretty nice weather, beautiful fall colors, a nice group of 10 participants and lots of mountains!

In the late 1800s came the first ideas about creating a hiking trail in the mountains of Swedish Lapland. This route should pass the most beautiful places and therefore become the “Kings of trails” – the Kings Trail (Kungsleden in Swedish)!

To hike this part of the King’s Trail in mid-September means no crowding. And that I once again got nice guest with me didn’t make things worse!


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