The Laponia Process
Reindeers at Låddebakte, Sarek National Park (Sarvesvagge behind).

Laponia got the inscription as a world heritage by UNESCO in 1996. It’s the only world heritage in Scandinavia that fulfills the criteria for both cultural and natural importance and is one of 25 in the whole world. Laponia is a big nature area of 9 400 km² including Sarek, Padjelanta, Muddus and Stora Sjöfallet National Parks and several nature reserves such as Sjaunja, Stubba and others. This is the biggest incoherent protected nature area in Europe.
Every world heritage area has to establish a management plan. Jokkmokk and Gällivare municipalities have together with the concerned Sámi villages and the County and the National Environmental protection Agency made a proposal for a new management plan for Laponia. This proposal has been on referral for consideration at different companies, organizations and universities.
Laponiaprocessen en lokal förvaltningsplan
Jokkmokkguiderna is one of the companies that got the opportunity to take part of this document and to give comments about it seen from our point of view. It took at least 2 days to read and understand the meaning of the document. A good deal of it was very positive.
One of our comments is that they should have given more of our partners and competitors in the tourist industry the opportunity to give comments about it.
Concerning dogsledding , the proposal is now that everyone who wants to go with dog sled in Laponia in the future has to apply for permission. As it is today you have to get a permit to go with organized/commercial tours in the area but not as a private person.
If you are going to book a organized tour in Laponia with sled dogs, hiking, skies etc. it’s important that you check with the tour company that they have the permit that’s required.
Jokkmokkguiderna has permission for 2010/2011.

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