Elsa and Rasmus from Denmark were two of four guests that joined on our longest tour called Explore Sarek National Park 2013. They sent us a movie with film clips and pictures from the tour and wrote: Hej Stina and Matti! Thank you for a fantastic trip in Sarek National Park. It has been an

We have had lots of guests and lots of wonderful tours so far this winter. Spring is now approaching and the longer dog sledding adventures are running. This winter have offered us lots of snow and quite cold winter days but that’s just perfect for dogsledding. Most of our longer dog sledding tours and expeditions

We have been able to run dog sledding tours since November. In the beginning only short tours but now the winter is in full swing and Jokkmokk’s forests are like a winter wonderland with lots of snow and it feels like sledging in a book of fairy tales. We have lots of fun trails and

Christmas is over and soon 2011 is history. In the days in between Christmas and New Years Eve I head out on a midwinter tour with Emily and Mathieu from France. Emily and Mathieu booked a private tour for just the two of them. Four days and three nights out in the woods full of

It seems like the winter is here to stay. The snow cover the ground and the ice on the lakes is growing thicker and thicker. This week we could go on another four day dog sled tour</a in the Jokkmokk forests. What I appreciate the most on these tours is to just live out in

The first half of this winter will go to the history as one of the warmest in a very long time. The snow has arrived one month later than it usually does up here. But, finally we got some snow, just in time for this tour and just enough so we could start going with

The rain is pouring down in Jokkmokk and we are longing for the white clear winter days. The huskies has been in training already since the beginning of August and are just as happily excited and eager each new training run regardless of the weather. We sit wet and muddy on the quads and dream

A roasting hot summer in Jokkmokk with +27 C in the shadow. The summer proceeds with some shorter canoe tours, kennel visits and with people renting canoes and kayaks from us. Today a solo travelling guy rented a canoe for a two weeks canoe adventure in lake Karats. Two weeks to enjoy the silence and

Every year the staff at Saltoluokta Mountain Station do something fun together for a few days to celebrate the breaking-up for the season. Just as last spring we did a breaking-up tour together. This year they were quite many so some had to go with skis. So with dog teams and skis we went up

After the first night spent at Saltoluokta Mountain Station we loaded the dogs in the car trailer and drove up to Ritsem. On the tour this week were Richard and Jacob from US. During the week we got changing weather with everything from wind and snow flurries to bright sunshine and heating sun. From Sitasjaure