Jokkmokk Market 2021 is cancelled. This is a historic decision and has never before taken place during Jokkmokk’s winter market over 400 years of tradition. We fully support the decision, even if it will affect us financially. The risks of a marketplace where 40 000 – 80 000 gathers in a place where 3 000 inhabitants normally live

At this time of year, we work a lot at home around the house and our kennel, both with administrative work but also maintenance of equipment. Occasionally we try to slip out on shorter trips in the surroundings of our home. Here is a short video from a hike just outside the center of Jokkmokk.

Once again we can look back on a wonderful winter season! Lapland has once again delivered a winter full of snow with sparkling northern lights, cold, storms, quiet starry nights, sunshine, blue sky and much more. Our huskies are closest to our hearts and they have as always helped us in the best way to

We have been able to run dog sledding tours since November. In the beginning only short tours but now the winter is in full swing and Jokkmokk’s forests are like a winter wonderland with lots of snow and it feels like sledging in a book of fairy tales. We have lots of fun trails and

The last days of 2009 became bitter cold but very beautiful. I (Stina) together with Heike and Monika from Switzerland spend the last 4 days (28-31 Dec.) of the year with dog sled in the forests of Jokkmokk. We spend the first night on reindeer skins in a tent tipi heated with a wood stove.

On Wednesday morning we harnessed the dogs together with 2 excited guests. They came from Solberget Wilderness retreat in Nattavaara that runs by Dirk and Silke Hagenbuch. After we had packed the sleds and the driving instructions were over we unhooked the snow anchors and head the teams out over the ice of Skabram Lake.

Jokkmokk Winter Market is the happening with a big H. During a couple of hectic days Jokkmokk transforms from a silent idyllic village to a meeting place of great dignity. Up to 80’000 visitors has visit this market during one week. This is more than a 20 times the normal populations of Jokkmokk that is

Today we had 11 persons for a three hour trip. It’s a German travel agency who send this people to us. Lot’s of the people wanted to drive the team bye them self so we just hade to harness all dogs except two. We also called to Volker and ask if he want to come

During Jokkmokk winter market it’s lot’s of people who visit Jokkmokk. Some of them want to follow us out to the nature with our dog teams. To make this possible it’s necessary to plan and prepare our camps in the forest. We need fire wood, Sámi tent etc. Today we cooperate with Sten and Lotta

The beginning of this winter gave us really good ices, thanks to low temperatures and no snow. The nightmare is the opposite. Thin ice and lots of snow early in the winter. Then the weight from the snow will push the ice in to the water which results in corroded ice and that makes the