This tour started with a three course dinner in Saltoluokta´s cosy restaurant. Booked on the tour was Nikolas (France), Ralf (Germany), Peter & Lotta (Sweden), Reinout (Netherlands) and Stina and me. We travelled along the Kings Trail south from Saltoluokta and down towards Kvikkjokk. We drove in the outskirts of the extensive world heritage Laponia.

Children and Family week at Saltoluokta Mountain Station! Every year Saltoluokta offers this arrangement for several weeks. Families can come and enjoy the winter in Lapland and try everything from snow cave digging, sledge races, skiing, ice fishing and dog sledding. Me, Jasmin + 10 dogs and a big sled packed our self up in

On Sunday we met the four guests that should follow us on the tour from Jokkmokk to Saltoluokta. We ate dinner, looked at maps, talk about equipment and had a nice time together. The next day, Monday morning, we all met at the kennel. Guy (France) and Lars (Sweden) has been on tours with us

Once again we start out from the kennel. This time we head west along the Karats-trail. The trail that should been called the Kvikkjokk-trail because this is where it’s lead. We are totally 4 dog teams with 23 Siberian Huskies and one Border Collie. We drive up along the Pearl River and further on to

Sunday morning. With a loaded car we drove west to Kvikkjokk. The road was lined by elks and reindeers. The tour is a photo safari with Hillebrand. Read Hillebrands blog from Swedish Lapland or look at his photo website. From Kvikkjokk we drove with the dogs to Tarrakaise cabin where “Tarra”-Ola was host as usual.

On Wednesday morning we harnessed the dogs together with 2 excited guests. They came from Solberget Wilderness retreat in Nattavaara that runs by Dirk and Silke Hagenbuch. After we had packed the sleds and the driving instructions were over we unhooked the snow anchors and head the teams out over the ice of Skabram Lake.

Jokkmokk Winter Market is the happening with a big H. During a couple of hectic days Jokkmokk transforms from a silent idyllic village to a meeting place of great dignity. Up to 80’000 visitors has visit this market during one week. This is more than a 20 times the normal populations of Jokkmokk that is

Today we had 11 persons for a three hour trip. It’s a German travel agency who send this people to us. Lot’s of the people wanted to drive the team bye them self so we just hade to harness all dogs except two. We also called to Volker and ask if he want to come

During Jokkmokk winter market it’s lot’s of people who visit Jokkmokk. Some of them want to follow us out to the nature with our dog teams. To make this possible it’s necessary to plan and prepare our camps in the forest. We need fire wood, Sámi tent etc. Today we cooperate with Sten and Lotta

Givetvis startade jag detta året med en hundspannstur. Med mig hade jag en mycket trevlig familj (Heffernan) från Wales. Vi körde från kenneln över Skabramberget till Appoälven. Under färden fick jag se en älg och några renar. Pojken som var passagerare på min släde hann också se renarna. Älgen var på för stort avstång och