Jokkmokk Winter Market 2011
The famous blue light in winter. Can you see the dog team?

Another Jokkmokk Winter Market has passed through the village. The small and quiet community just north of the Polar circle transform into a Metropole for a few days. People meet, listen to concerts, go to interesting lectures, buy beautiful things, eat local food and dance. And the feast lasts for several days!
As every year we offered daily shorter dog sled tours. Sten, Volker and Jasmin came with their huskies and helped Stina and me with the different tours. As usual we didn’t get time to visit the market by our self but we met many of all the nice market visitors out on our dog sled tours.
The Jokkmokk Market means a lot for a small community as Jokkmokk. I don’t know it’s very important from the economical point of view but it puts Jokkmokk on the map and everybody who visit the market contribute with a great network for Jokkmokk all around the world.

/ Matti & Stina

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